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Model 'LE Standard Duty' Forced Action Pan Mixer

The Model ‘LE’ Standard Duty forced action mixer has a complete and rapid mixing action. The unique paddle configuration can provide a complete batch mix within 1 minute or under.

The mixing pan and blades are guarded with a Safety Headguard supplied with the mixer. The Headguard has a mesh aperture through which additional material may be added and the mix viewed.

The Model ‘LE’ Standard can be fitted with a Pan Tipper, which enables the material to be discharged into a wheelbarrow or a suitable receptacle; the pan tipper handle can be removed for transportation. Alternatively, the pan can be removed with a Pan Trolley enabling a number of pans to be used. 


Data Sheet

Product Information

The CreteAngle® Multiflow Forced Action Pan Mixer Model ‘LE’ Standard Duty is designed for materials testing in laboratories/Universities and is suitable for a wide range of materials including dry, semi-dry and viscous.

This covers materials such as concrete and concrete based products, resins  (acrylic, epoxy, polyester etc) and polymers.  For high density materials (such as high density concrete) we would recommend using our model L Heavy Duty


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