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Wet Pour Rubber Crumb / Rubber Mulch

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CreteAngle® Forced Action Mixers are used extensively by contractors installing wet pour safety surfaces in playgrounds, schools and nurseries globally.

Our unique mixing system is a fast and efficient method of thoroughly coating rubber crumb/ rubber mulch with resin to achieve an effective installation of playground safety surfaces. A complete batch mix is normally achieved within 1 minute or under.

The Model L112 has been specifically designed for use by installers of wet pour safety surfaces. Our Model CF 35 is also recommended for small areas and repairs to playground safety surfaces.

We also manufacture "In-house" high quality Rubbercrumb/Wetpour/Rubber Mulch Rollers in three roller widths that complement our handbuilt Forced Action Pan Mixers.

Safety surface contractors particularly like our mixers because:

CreteAngle® Forced Action Mixers do not have doors, flaps or fixed pans. Operators who have used both mixing methods appreciate how easy it is to fill and empty our CreteAngle wet pour mixers.

Our mixing action is a true forced action operating at a more optimal speed. CreteAngle® will achieve a faster more thorough mix in under a minute, this the competition cannot match.

CreteAngle Mixers are easy to maintain and keep clean. The mixing pan and all mixing blades are easily removed unlike fixed pan mixers.

We supply our CreteAngle wet pour model L112 & CF35 to the majority of playground installers in the UK and they are also available for hire

Polymer Manufacturers also approve and recommend our mixing system.


Product Information

Playground safety surface standards throughout the world limit the maximum impact caused by a fall. Probably the most widely used method of installing playground safety surfaces is wet pour rubber crumb / rubber mulch.


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