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Model 'M' Forced Action Pan Mixer

The Model 'M' forced action pan mixers can be used as a basic mixer where the operator shovels or scoops the material out of the (plain) pan when mixed. The plain pan can also be used in conjunction with a pan trolley (non tipping) where the pan is wheeled away and the material removed again by shovelling or scooping.

Alternatively, it can be supplied with a flanged pan, which is used with a Tipping Trolley - this allows instantaneous or controlled tipping, away from the mixer.


Data Sheet

Product Information

The CreteAngle® Multiflow Forced Action Pan Mixer Model 'M' is designed for factory production and for laboratory use where large quantities of material are required, being most suitable for semi-dry to viscous mixes, particularly concrete materials where colours are added.

The Model 'M' pan mixers will also mix compounds, mortars, concrete, reconstructed stone, refractory materials, etc.


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