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Model 'M Hydraulic' Forced Action Pan Mixer

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The forced action mixer is easy to operate and maintain. It is of robust construction, quality components and materials being fitted to ensure a long and reliable life giving fast, thorough and consistent results throughout.

This pan mixer is equipped with full safety guarding as well as EU sourced electric motors for maximum reliability suitable for any available power supply.


Data Sheet

Product Information

The CreteAngle® Multiflow Forced Action Pan Mixer Model 'M' HYD is designed for factory production and for laboratory use where large quantities of material are required, being most suitable for semi-dry to viscous mixes, particularly concrete materials where colours are added.

The 'M' HYD pan mixers will also mix compounds, mortars, concrete, reconstructed stone, refractory materials, etc.

Automatic power take-up is fitted to the 'M' HYD mixer as standard. Mixing is automatically started and stopped as the machine head is lowered into and raised out of the mixing pan.


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