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Mortar & Concrete

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The use of lime mortars is usually limited to walling and vertical stonework applications and projects requiring 'traditional' materials.

Granolithic mortar, actually a fine-grade concrete used extensively in the construction industry where its hardwearing properties, ability to be applied thinly and its low cost, make it a popular and resilient surface. It can be used for steps, or anywhere else that a hard, smooth, concrete-like finish is required, including screeding-over existing concrete floors.

All types of mortars can be mixed in the CreteAngle® Model L Heavy Duty Mixer. For smaller mixes, the Model SModel CF 28 or Model CF 35 would be quite suitable.

All CreteAngle® Pan Mixers have a worldwide reputation as robust and reliable machines capable of fast, consistent and thorough mixing of this type of material. Our mixers have also been involved in a number of prestigious projects ranging from tunnel building, airfield repair and cathedral restoration.

A number of material manufacturers recommend our forced action mixers to undertake the mixing of their products via their respective datasheets, and our mixers are used widely by well known companies in this sector


Product Information

Mortars and concrete are the fundamental components of much of the construction industry in the U.K. Generally, a concrete is a cementitious material containing aggregates with dimensions greater than 5mm, whereas a mortar is a cementitious material containing aggregates with dimensions less than 5mm.

Mortars are used throughout the construction industry for a variety of purposes, including brick-laying, bedding of small concrete components such as ridge tiles and for the sealing of certain types of paving.


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